How it works

It's Time to add tagging to your products

With four simple steps, add a digital dimension to your products and start interacting with your clients

Step 1: create your product information

Using our web app, define your products and add images and videos you would like your clients to see.

Step 2: insert the tag into your product

Find the best location in your products such that it is easy for your client to scan

Step 3: link the tag with your product information

Simply scan the tag you have inserted with our iOS / Android app and easily link to the product information

Step 4: monitor your products

The web app will allow you to see at a glance all the products you have tagged

Why VeChain tags

Create new ways of generating value for consumers, directly interacting with them.

What You Get

We provide a one-stop solution to tag products using NFC/RFID chips embedding anti-counterfeit encryption technology.